Raffles Reflects

What Our Subject is About

What is a good life? Can life have more meaning? What do we owe to others and to the state? Is meritocracy the basis for a just society? What limits ,if any, should there be on markets? These are some of the questions we will be exploring in Raffles Reflects.

Raffles Reflects is an enrichment programme focused on exploring various ethical, social and political issues and helping students think about them in a philosophical way.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

Raffles Reflects will consist of 16 one hour and a half long seminar sessions, each focused on a major topic. These include such issues as freedom/liberty, distributive justice, equality, justifications of the state and the limit of state power, ethical theories like utilitarianism, virtue ethics among others. Each seminar will explore each key concept in detail often by examining relevant thought experiments and scenarios.

After the seminars, students will work individually or in small groups on a presentation of their own, on a philosophical topic of their choice. Past students have explored topics as diverse as existentialism, whether we have a greater duty to our pets than a starving child in Africa, whether it would be morally wrong to intentionally kill an android amongst other varied issues. They will present to their peers at the Raffles Reflects Symposium and receive feedback from NTU lecturers during the Symposium.


Who We Are

The programme is conducted by Mr. Caleb Liu who studied PPE at Oxford and who remains passionate about philosophy.