02 Raffles Scout Group


2020 02 Scouts Group




02 Raffles Scout Group was founded on 8 February 1922 when 02 originated as the Second Singapore Scout Troop. Scouting had yet to catch on in Singapore at that point, but with the founding of 02 Scouts, scouting soon became popular among Rafflesians. Another RI scout troop, the 32nd Singapore Scout Troop (now known as the 01 Raffles Scout Group) was later formed to cope with the large intake of students. 02 Scouts is currently the oldest continuous-functioning scout troop after the First Singapore Scout Troop disbanded. 

In 1965, the Singapore Scout Association saw a significant restructuring of its administration. This resulted in the renaming of the troops. The 2nd Singapore Scout Group thus became the 2102 Raffles Scout Group, with the prefix "21" denoting the Stamford district which the troop was based in and "02" to retain its roots. Today, we have dropped the prefix “21” and are hence named “02 Raffles Scout Group”. 

As a scout group, 02 Scouts conducts a range of activities, including knots and pioneering to build outdoor structures, stove cooking, backwoodsman, signalling and first aid. Of course, highlights of our scouting programme are the hikes and camps where our scouts forge lasting friendship bonds and learn many useful life skills. During these outdoor experiential activities, scouts work in teams called patrols. The patrol system fosters close-knit bonds among our scouts as they brave adventures and challenges together, building camaraderie and new friendships. All in all, 02 Scouts is a place where scouts learn new skills, form friendships and grow in their character and leadership abilities. 02 Scouts promises all those who join our CCA a fun, exciting and enjoyable journey which they will remember in years to come. 

Our strong and illustrious alumni include retired Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Professor Tommy Koh, and Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing.



Training Schedule

Mondays & Wednesdays 
(4pm to 6.30pm)
Year 1s end at 6pm for Semester 1


Teacher Mentors

Ms Sung Keng Yen
Mr Ng Chong Jin
Ms Siti Jeffrey


Achievements & Highlights

2020 President Scout Award

Mike Sun Boxuan

Koh Jin Hao

Tan Jia Jun


2020 Chief Commissioner’s Award
Huang Yuxuan Derek
Enzo Yap Dai Heng
Ignatius Gan Chengxin
Jaden Loh Jing Han
Malcolm Ngio Yew Kiat
Muhammad Nabil Naqiuddin 
Pritam Saha
Rahul Kumar Singh
Sean Yeow Hoe Yong
Swaminathan Visakan
Tan Yong Han Travis
Tay Jo-Van
Wong Kai Wen
Zhang Jinjia
Zhang Shengyang David
Zhou Xinhao George


2019 Frank Cooper Sands Award (Scout Unit)
Gold Award

2019 Frank Cooper Sands Award (Venture Unit)
Gold Award