2020 Floorball



Floorball is a high-intensity indoor team sport which has gained popularity in Singapore. Although it is a relatively new CCA established only in 2007, it is extremely popular among Rafflesians.

The sport requires mental and physical tenacity, from passion and determination to skill and stamina, and Raffles Floorball aims to groom its players in all of those aspects. Our players not only engage in vigorous training three times a week, but also enjoy participating in various tournaments and friendlies outside of training to gain experience and exposure. 

Beyond individual ability, teamwork, discipline and a positive attitude are of utmost importance in Raffles Floorball. Our players respect our opponents and play with pride while pressing on for victory. Above all, what makes a Raffles Floorball player is his passion for the sport and his willingness to serve the team, summed up in one of our favourite slogans: Eat. Sleep. Floorball. Repeat.



Training Schedule

C Division (YR 1 & YR 2)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

(2.30PM – 4.30PM)


(8.30AM – 10.30AM)


B Division (YR 3 & YR 4)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

(4.30PM – 6.30PM)


(10.30AM – 12.30PM)


Teacher Mentors


Ms Siti Melissa
Mr Benson Lim
Ms Gwee Yi Fen



Achievements & Highlights

The floorball team started the year in high spirits, ready to take on the National Inter-School B and C Division championships, and also looking forward to external competitions and tournaments to further strengthen our skills as individuals and as a team. Despite the disruptions that ensued due to COVID-19, each of the members of the team continued to work hard on their skills on their own, and many took the initiative to “meet” virtually during the circuit breaker period, training together and encouraging each other on despite not being able to physically gather. As we resume face-to-face trainings under new conditions, the team treasures the time that we have to train with each other even more, and we continue to push on to grow in our passion and skill as floorballers.