2020 Floorball



Floorball is a high-octane competitive indoor team sport that has gained much popularity in Singapore in recent years. Introduced as a Sports CCA in 2007, Floorball quickly became popular among our boys.

Our players train hard and push themselves every week to grow in excellence, working on drills, shots, physical training and gameplay. Beyond training up of individual skills and abilities, Floorball is also about teamwork – trusting your line mates to have your back while pressing on to victory together. 

Above all else, what makes a RI Floorball player is heart and passion for the sport, summed up in one of our favourite slogans: Eat. Sleep. Floorball. Repeat.

Teacher Mentors


Ms Siti Melissa
Ms Michelle Tan Gek Hui
Ms Nurul Hannah
Mr Tan Chiew Sern


Achievements & Highlights

2019 National Age Group Championships 
U14: 3rd 

2019 SG Open Youth Invitationals U14
U14: 2nd 
U16: 3rd 

2019 GetActive! SG Pesta Sukan Floorball Championships
Top 8

2019 Singapore Youth Floorball League 
Top 8