Hockey is both a fun and adrenaline-pumping sport. Players are highly self-disciplined and train under various conditions to prepare themselves to face any possible situations and challenges during competitions. Through thrice-weekly trainings under the watchful eyes of the experienced coaches, our hockey players learn about trust, teamwork and effective communication, apart from the skills to tackle, pass, push and hit. Most importantly, our players learn to be fair, humble and respectful of self, others and the environment and are driven by passion, taking the initiative and committing their best in whatever they do.



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Chong Noel
Mrs Ong Wai Ling
Ms Gwee Yi Fen

Achievements & Highlights

2019 National Inter-School Hockey Championships
B Division: 3rd
C Division: 2nd 

2019 Hockey National Junior League
Division 1: 5th 
Division 3: 3rd 

2019 Youth Hockey Liga