Humanities Club

Humanities Club

The objectives of the RI Humanities Club are to develop an understanding of the Humanities and Current Affairs in Rafflesians, as well as to inculcate a sense of responsibility with respect to environmental issues.

The Humanities Club provides many opportunities for its members to interact with other organisations and schools on many platforms. It is our aspiration that through these activities, Rafflesians will be exposed to more aspects of the Humanities, as well as be inspired to champion Mother Earth's cause as environmental leaders and ambassadors.

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Chee Mei Ling
Mr Wilson Lim

Achievements And Highlights

Events Organised

Book Sharing and Discussion:

  • Forum on World Issues 'What kind of education do we need for a fast-changing future?͛'
  • Inter-House Humanities Challenge


Student sharing sessions on the following topics:

  • Cavalry and Tanks
  • History of Anime Trump-Kim Summit
  • History of Video-games

Other Activities

Model United Nations (MUN) Training Workshop (facilitated by Year 5-6 History & Strategic Affairs Society)