Infocomm Club

2020 Infocomm Club



Since the dawn of time, boys have entered Infocomm, only to leave as men. Not as fruity scientists, or mathematicians who spend years arguing whether 0.999... = 1, but as hard boiled engineers, ready to infiltrate enemies’ mainframes with deadly precision at a moment’s notice.

Infocomm is split into two divisions: programming and robotics. Programming will mould you to think like a master programmer: imparted with expert conceptual understanding, with training for competitions such as the National Olympiad in Informatics, you will become a real life hackerman. For robotics, you will be drilled on elegantly blending hardware with software. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego is but a spit in the ocean of what is to come.

In the end, the choice for what CCA to contribute to is up to you, and we encourage all who are interested to join us to approach our teachers in charge. And if you do, congratulations! We will be more than happy to receive you.

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Lorraine Wang
Mr Eugene Lim

Achievements & Highlights

National Olympiad in Informatics
• Top Secondary School Award
• 3 Gold 
• 1 Silver
• Top Contestants 
   - Daniel Choo Zhenghao (1st), Ryan See Weixuan (3rd )
• Top Secondary Contestants 
   - Tan Chien Hao (1st)

Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad
Daniel Choo Zhenghao (Silver)

i.code 2019
2nd Runner Up & Most Popular Award    
Ulrico Nolan Orlando, Natanael Tan Tiong Oon, Sundarranjan Krithic Sundar 

RoboCup Singapore Open 2019
• 1st place: RoboCupJunior Soccer (Lightweight Category)
   Heng Teng Yi (4B), Ng Mun Hin (4B) and Zhu Ruihan (4H)

• 1st place: RoboCupJunior Technical Challenge
   Heng Teng Yi (4B), Ng Mun Hin (4B) and Zhu Ruihan (4H)

RoboCup 2019
• 1st place: RoboCup Junior Lightweight Soccer SuperTeam
   Heng Teng Yi (4B), Ng Mun Hin (4B) and Zhu Ruihan (4H)

• 5th place: RoboCupJunior Soccer (Lightweight Category)
   Heng Teng Yi (4B), Ng Mun Hin (4B) and Zhu Ruihan (4H)