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Today’s world is becoming increasingly technologically-oriented. Join Infocomm and train your computational and programming skills to become an engineer, a designer, a problem solver, a pioneer and an inventor; solve the world’s greatest problems and tackle society’s most pressing issues! And along the way, learn to work as a team, sharpen your mind and express your inner creativity. We will help you achieve all of these dreams!

Infocomm is split into 3 sections: programming, robotics and competitive programming. In programming, learn how to develop websites, games and applications, and explore continuously evolving fields like cybersecurity and machine learning. In robotics, use tools like Raspberry Pis, Lego Mindstorms and Arduinos to construct autonomous robots that can complete challenging tasks. Finally, in competitive programming, invent and develop creative solutions to solve complex computational problems.

If you are interested in joining RI Infocomm, just inform our teachers-in-charge! We will warmly welcome you and guide you along your programming journey!

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National Software Competition - one of the annual competition our programming members take part in.


Singapore Team competing at International Olympiad in Informatics 2019 in Azerbaijan - Rafflesian Leong Eu-Shaun (2nd from left) and Daniel Choo Zhenghao (1st from right)

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The RI Competitive Programming family - past and present competitive programming members from many different years coming together under a single Rafflesian banner. In Infocomm, we believe in a culture where past alumni give back to the school and the club by returning to train their juniors and ignite their passion.


i.code 2019 - Use of App Inventor to create cool mobile apps that tackles community concerns such as ageing population, cybersecurity, financial literacy and multiculturalism.

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Robotics Members fighting for victory for RI at the RoboCup Singapore Open 2019. They ultimately emerged as the Soccer Lightweight champions and were chosen to represent Singapore at the International RoboCup 2019 in Sydney, Australia. There, the team secured 1st Place in the Superteam competition and 5th Place in the Junior Soccer Lightweight Category.

 Winners of Asia Imagine Cup Junior Challenge.

This global challenge is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), introducing students to AI and Microsoft’s AI for Good initiatives so they can come up with ideas to solve social, cultural and environmental issues. Our Year 1 team came up with An app using facial and gesture recognition to provide means of communication for people who can’t speak. They wanted to create this app to help one of the students communicate with a grandparent, who had recently had a tracheotomy.

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Infocomm member crafting and programming a fake bomb which can only be ‘defused’ by solving a puzzle. Here, they use an arduino board along with different input and output components to create a complex device. This was made based on the game “Keep Talking and Nobody explodes”.


Members from our programming branch making use of what they have learnt in training to design and build an application. Here, they are working in groups to brainstorm and research ideas for their app. Later, they will program and create prototypes of the app.


Training Schedule

(1.30pm to 3.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Lorraine Wang
Mr Eugene Lim

Achievements & Highlights


National Olympiad in Informatics
Top Secondary School Award
3 Gold and 2 Silver

DrCT (Design Thinking with Robotics and Computational Thinking International Competition)
11 Gold, 8 Silver and 1 Bronze