2020 Judo


Raffles Judo was established in 1948. As a sport, the purpose of Judo training is to teach physical and mental discipline. In RI, the Judo training programme is designed with similar aims but also to inculcate FIRE values in our Rafflesians. Since its inception, it has captured interest of Rafflesians and teachers alike.

'While observing the students train arduously every week, I was inspired to join in to better understand the sport. Just after a week of learning breakfall and engaging in randoori 乱取りand the thrill of practicing ippon seoi nage (shoulder throw) with the junior college girls (the girls and boys train together across Y1-6 with continuity and peer mentorship), the rigorous training allowed me to discover muscles that I never knew existed! It amazes me to see how tenacious the students were, and the amount of physical and mental toughness they have developed to withstand the Judo is something I treasure and desire to hone as well. The CCA is more than a family and I found myself a part of this culture of respect and collective growth, even though it is an individual sport. As Kano says, 'The purpose of studying Judo is to perfect yourself to contribute to society', and this has been the core of Raffles Judo. --Teacher mentor, Ms Charyl Shen

Teacher Mentors

Mr Lim Ming Han
Mr Eric Koh
Ms Charyl Shen

Achievements & Highlights

2019 National Inter-School B Division Boys’ Judo Championships

Featherweight: Jason Lee (Gold), Colin Low (Bronze), Jeremiah Seow (5th) 
Extra Lightweight: Foo Loon Wei (Gold), Tiong Zi Han (5th) 
Lightweight: Lee Jing (Silver), Melvin Loo (Bronze), Ping Lefan (5th) 
Middleweight: Paniharam Venkata Pavan (Silver)
Half Heavy Weight: James Cheung (Gold), Isaac Choong (Silver), James Low (5th) 

2019 National Inter-School C Division Boys’ Judo Championships

Featherweight: Phoon Juei (Silver), Zachary Phung (Bronze), Baldric Chin (Bronze), Keane Ng (7th) 
Extra Lightweight: Cayden Teo (Gold), Chang Zuohuo (5th), Jonathan Lee (7th) 
Lightweight: Xue Min Jie (Silver), Zou Qi Lin (Bronze)
Middleweight: Julian Ng (5th), Seo Lerk Herng (5th), Lin Gong (7th) 
Half Heavy Weight: Muhammad Haziq (Bronze)