Malay Cultural Club


Malay Cultural Club_2021



Based on its motto “Ithar, Iltizam & Integrasi” (Selflessness, Commitment & Integration”), the Malay Cultural Club (MCC) aims to enliven the Malay culture and language through the students’ participation in various enrichment activities. MCC also aims to nurture its members to be active contributors of the society by engaging in meaningful volunteering projects. Apart from that, MCC strives to serves as an avenue where opportunities for interaction amongst members are enabled, with the hope to foster meaningful bonds throughout their four years in RI. 

*However, the club will be closing down next year. All activities that were once under the purview of the club will be managed by the Malay Language Unit in 2022. 

Training Schedule

(2.00pm to 3.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Ms Nurul Hannah Binte Mohammad Amran

Achievements & Highlights


Orientation Programme 
Students come together at the start of the year to participate in cultural activities as a CCA. 

Peraduan ‘SAHIBBA’
Members challenge each other in a game of Sahibba, the Malay equivalent to Scrabbles. 

Tracing the roots of Malay Heritage Cuisine 
Students learn about the philosophy and thoughts that shape that Malay gastronomical world.

Malay Movie ‘Suatu Ketika’ Screening
Students watch the movie ‘Suatu Ketika’ to learn about the everyday social lives of the Malays as subjects under the British colonial rule. 

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebrations via MS Teams 
Students celebrate the festivity online via MS Teams, together with the third language students for the Malay Special Programme as well the invited Primary 5 and 6 scholarship recipients.