National Cadet Corps


2020 NCC

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When you join the RINCC, you become a part of a CCA with more than 100 years of history. Founded by a group of RI students in 1901, RINCC is the oldest cadet corps in Singapore. We are supported by MINDEF and the Ministry of Education.

Through training conducted by experienced seniors, cadets learn foot drills, precision rifle drills (PDS), field signals, orienteering skills, tactical movements and urban operations. The NCC Headquarters also conducts useful courses on first aid, unarmed combat and leadership skills, and provides all cadets with a chance to fire live rounds using SAR 21 rifle. Besides this, cadets can also look forward to exciting external activities like hiking, desert trekking, games, fitness challenges and international exchange programmes.

Highlights of the four-year journey in NCC include: 
Annual March and November Camps 
Camp FORGE (Y1)
Camp STEEL (Y2)
Specialists Assessment (Y3)
SAR21 Live Firing (Y3)

Don't miss this opportunity to learn useful techniques, experience exciting new things, and hone the skills necessary to become a disciplined student leader. Join the Raffles Institution National Cadet Corps!


NCC cadets in no 4



NCC CCA trails


NCC Forest Adventure 1

NCC camp 1 NCC cadets took part in MINDEF competition
NCC cadets at WWII memorial on total defence day NCC school Total Defence Day ceremony




Training Schedule

Mondays & Wednesdays 
(4pm to 6.30pm)
Year 1s end at 6pm for Semester 1


Teacher Mentors

Mr Justin Yap
Mr Jason Tan
Mr Frank Fu
Ms Chen Haiqin

Achievements & Highlights


  • Unit Recognition (UR) Award – Distinction
  • Outstanding Cadet Award
  • Total Defence Bronze/Silver/Gold Badge
  • Camp FORGE
  • Camp STEEL
  • Specialist Assessment
  • Senior Specialist Leaders Course
  • Total Defence Day Parade
  • National Day Parade