National Police Cadet Corps




The NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) is a youth uniformed group in Singapore supported by the Ministry of Education and the Singapore Police Force.

Cadets acquire knowledge about police work and develop a range of skills through a training programme that comprises courses, visits, camps, overseas trips, and other regular activities. Students will get a rare glimpse into law enforcement in Singapore with opportunities to engage in unique experiences such as learning to handle and fire .22-calibre revolvers, acquiring basic self-defence skills, and visiting police centres and other operational units.

Through their NPCC journey, cadets will develop leadership and interpersonal skills and demonstrate them as cadet leaders; those determined to continue their personal development can even choose to undergo further training after their secondary education to return as Cadet Inspectors. NPCC ultimately aims to develop caring and responsible citizens imbued with strong values, a broad range of transferable skills, and the fortitude they will require to face challenges ahead.

Teacher Mentors

Mr Bryan Tan (OC)
Mr Lean Guan Hua (DyOC)
Mr Zachary Kang
Ms Teo Hsin Fern

Achievements & Highlights

Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2017

SPF-NPCC Badge Recipients 2018
Ramzul Hiekam B Farid Wajdi

Inter Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition – Individual Boys
Chee Hann Yu: 5th