Raffles Debaters


2020 Debate Club



If you have ever debated, you would know how intense the pursuit is — your every move scrutinised by your adversaries, the verdict resting on your ability to think on your feet, not just about how to defeat the opponent, but also to win over hearts and minds in the process.

Debate is an avenue for us to explore the conundrums that can cleave a society, to inspect and interrogate arguments that have significant impact on important policymaking. It is this impetus towards developing a better, more reflexive society that sustains debaters.

But it does not matter whether you have experience debating or are totally new to it. It is the passion to develop yourself as a critical thinker and compelling speaker that is essential in debating — and that is what we are looking for. If you think you have it, join us.

“Debate has truly been a great experience for me. Even though the trainings can be tough at times, they have made me become a more confident person and enabled me to voice out my opinions respectfully to others. This club has also given me greater exposure to global affairs and many opportunities to consider my own stances on a broad spectrum of social issues. Overall, being a member of the Raffles Debaters has been and will be a fun experience for all, especially with the provision of a valuable platform for conversations with like-minded peers!”

-     Ethan Lau (Year 3 Debater)


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Training Schedule

Mondays & Wednesdays 
(4pm to 6.00pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Heryanti Suhaimy
Mr Musa Bin Shukor

Achievements & Highlights

6th Oldham Cup 2020
RI – Quarterfinalist
Ryan Chia Ming Yin (Individual 4th)
Lai Le Hao Jerome (Individual 7th)
Chua Yanxin (Individual 9th)
Soh Sze Hian, Lionel (Individual 11th)
Loh Chee Seng Elgin (Individual 17th)
Woon Qi Rui, Ethan (Individual 18th)

Debate Association Debating Championships 2020
RI – 5th and 8th 
Raphael Niu Zi Yuan (Individual 6th)
Trevor Lee Jia Jin (Individual 9th)
Loh Chee Seng Elgin (Individual 10th)
Lau Ian Kai Ethan (Individual 20th)

National Schools Online Debating Championship 2020
RI – Quarterfinalist
Soon Kuan Kiat Ryan (Individual 7th)

Asia Schools Open – Summer 2020
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (U16 Champion, Finals Best Speaker)