Raffles Debaters





If you have ever debated or seen a debating competition, you would know how intense the pursuit is — your every move is scrutinised by your adversaries, and the verdict is resting on your ability to think logically and argue compellingly.
Debating is more than an oratorical sport. It is an avenue for us to explore the conundrums that can cleave a society and to inspect and interrogate arguments that have significant impact on critical policymaking. It is this impetus that fuels our passion in debating as we aspire towards developing a better and more reflective society.


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Training Schedule

Mondays & Wednesdays 
(4pm to 6pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Heryanti Suhaimy
Mr Musa Bin Shukor

Achievements & Highlights


World Schools Debating Championship 2021National Representation
Raphael Niu Zi Yuan

Debate Association Debating Championships 2021Champion
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (10th Best Speaker) 
Wu Yu (17th Best Speaker)
Lau Ian Kai Ethan (7th Best Speaker)

Raffles Debate Academy U-14 Champion
Wong E Jeh (1st Best Speaker)
Wee Sze Yu, Matteo (5th Best Speaker)

Lasallian Debate League 20211st, 2nd, and 3rd Runner-up
Rupa Kinkara (1st Best Speaker)
Soh Jun Hee (2nd Best Speaker)
Wong E Jeh (3rd Best Speaker)

Asian Youth British Parliamentary Debating Championship 2021Grand Finalist (U14 Category) 

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship 2021Quarterfinalist
Raphael Niu Zi Yuan (3rd Best Speaker)
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (13th Best Speaker)
Lau Ian Kai, Ethan (13th Best Speaker)

7th Oldham Cup 2021Quarterfinalist

Dutch Schools Debating Competition 2021Quarterfinalist
Hui Zhou Rong Isaiah (25th Best Speaker) 
Wu Yu (37th Best Speaker)
Lau Ian Kai Ethan (29th Best Speaker)