Raffles Institution Prefectorial Board

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The RIPB is the highest student leadership body in Raffles and aims to improve school life for all Rafflesians.

Passionate individuals who are interested in serving the Rafflesian community are put through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have what it takes to be a prefect. It is only after making it through this process that their two-year journey as a school prefect begins. 

The RIPB has three objectives—to uphold and enforce the standards of the school, to uphold and strengthen the Rafflesian spirit, and to make better connections in school through outreach efforts. 

Through this three-pronged approach, the RIPB strives to make the school a better place for all.

FOCUS OF 2019-2020

The Prefectorial Board of 2019-2020 aims to forge closer bonds with one another in their term as prefects while upholding the high standards held by the school. Through these ties forged with one another, the RIPB will also engage in greater collaboration with other members of the RI student leadership body, and in so doing foster a stronger school spirit. 

Teacher Mentors

Mr Bernard Low
Mr Chong Zhe Bin
Mr Timothy Song
Mr Lionel Long
Ms Isabella Ow