Raffles Photography and Art Club






Are you a camera buff? Or are you keen in visual arts? Come join the Raffles Photography and Art Club [RPAC] which will hone your skills at photography and artmaking!

So what do we do at Raffles Photography and Art Club?
We tell stories of the school through photography and explore various media of art. The club captures and documents the significant and inspirational moments at school events and plays an active role in serving the school community. 

At our weekly Friday meetings, photography and digital editing workshops are conducted by industry veterans/student leaders. Award winning local photographers or artists are also invited to share their valuable experience with our members. Photography excursions and sharing sessions are also organised by RPAC, fostering a creative community of growth and passion. In addition, we have also planned a palette of activities which run the gamut of digital manipulation, pin hole to light painting photography, resin art and even pottery! 

And who knows, you might just be the award winning student photographer or artist.
Come and join us in our creative visual adventure! 

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Training Schedule

(1.30pm to 3.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mdm Tan Chui Min
Ms Lim Soh Khim


Achievements & Highlights

• Interhouse Photography Competition 2020
• Canon Photomarathon 2019 (3rd in Student Category)
– Theme: Our Community (announced in Oct 2019)