Raffles Players

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‘All the world’s a stage, All the men and women merely players.’Shakespeare, As You Like It


Raffles Players is composed of a bunch of fun-loving individuals who are interested in theatre, drama, and all things related to the stage. Our players explore the complex dimensions of being human: the raw and unfiltered depths of emotions, the inexplicable motivations and the endlessly complicated relationships and conflicts that afflict us.

During training sessions, players are introduced to a variety of theatrical skills, some of which include acting, devising, physical theatre, writing scripts, learning technical aspects of lights and sounds, props making, costume and make-up, and backstage work. Through developing their skills in these areas, we hope that our players become versatile thespians who can develop their appreciation for the performing arts and grow to become exceptional artists.

Teacher Mentors

Ms Nur Afiqah Binte Zamri
Dr Alfiani Fadzakir

Achievements & Highlights

Raffles Players Annual Production: 'Dissolution'
Staging a double bill of National Language Classand Lord of the Flies

Annual Dramafeste 2018

SYF Play @The Library: Lost and Unfound (Original Script)
Most Creative Play Award

Raffles Players Drama Showcase 2018
Staged a quadruple bill of Drunken Prawns, Hats, Returning Singaporean, and Graduation Gone Wrong

Raffles Players Drama Showcase 2018 II
Staged a triple bill of plays with themes ranging from horror and mystery to melodrama.