Raffles Publications

2020 Raffles Publications



Raffles Publications, or RPubs as we are fondly referred to, is a merit CCA that welcomes any student who has a passion for event reporting or writing about topics that reveal more about the school or the Rafflesian community. Our repertoire of writing encompasses everything from commentaries on current affairs and happenings around the school, to interviews with members of our community, to reviews of the drinks and dishes on offer around campus.


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Training Schedule

(1.30pm to 3.00pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Tay Li-Cheng

Mrs Sylvia Soh


Achievements & Highlights

Raffles Publications will be launching our brand new website later this year. We aim to be able to work on events reporting and topics of interest to the student body. This site will serve as the reference point for members of the Rafflesian community, both present and past, to be updated on the school’s busy calendar from the perspective of the student..

In the new year, we will be collaborating with Raffles Photography and Art Club to work on projects that envision the future of RI as the school progress towards its Bicentennial celebrations.  

We continue to welcome the student population to contribute to our repository of news and personal articles.