Red Cross

red cross

Raffles Institution Red Cross was founded in 1952 and is the second oldest surviving Red Cross Youth unit in Singapore.

The unit hopes to be a platform to develop its cadets into proficient first aiders who are dedicated and echo the Red Cross Youth's motto of "Humanity in Our Hands".

The unit puts cadets through meticulously planned programs so that they can become positive agents of change, rooting in them a sense of empathy that will serve them well beyond their formative years. Being a Uniformed Group, cadets can develop a sense of discipline that moulds them into people of admirable character.

Ultimately, the unit works towards providing cadets with a meaningful experience so they will enjoy their Year 1 - 4 journey in Raffles Institution and learn to work well with others, so as to be the change we want to see in the world.

Teacher Mentors

Ms Wan Yao
Ms Chen Hai Qin
Mr Tay Zhi Xiong
Mr Tan Xu En

Achievements And Highlights

Excellent Unit Award 2018

Guardians of the City Tournament 2018

Disaster Risk Reduction Competition 2018

First Aid Championships 2018 (Junior Category)

First Aid Championships 2018 (Senior Category)

Trailblazers Championships 2018

SPECTRA: Charity Night Concert 2018
Proceeds from the sale of tickets went to Singapore Red Cross