RI Chinese Orchestra





Have you ever wanted to showcase your musical talents or broaden your musical knowledge? If yes, then RICO is perfect for you! If you want to bring cultures together and empower future generations of musicians and audiences in Chinese music, dive in and join RICO, and feel at home with our massive family of 120 members! Comprising 5 sections (Huqin (胡琴), Tanbo (弹拨), Chuiguan (吹管), Percussion (打击乐), and Cellobass (低音弦), we have a variety of instruments that anyone can play!  As a modern and progressive orchestra, we incorporate the best of both Chinese and Western music in our performances, along with traditional orchestral pieces! We value camaraderie, musical talent and hard work among members, and seek to give every member a stake in the orchestra and foster a conducive environment for self-discovery through immersion in the dynamic landscape of Chinese music. What are you waiting for? Join RICO!

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Training Schedule

(Sectionals: 4.00pm to 6.30pm)

(Combined/Self-Practice: 3.45pm to 6.30pm)

Year 1s end at 6pm for Semester 1


Teacher Mentors

Dr Wong Joon Hwang
Ms Heng Wee Lee

Achievements & Highlights


Singapore Youth Festival 2021 (SYF 2021)