Rugby shares over a century of tradition with our school's history. RI was the first Singapore school to adopt the sport, and it was played purely on an intra-school basis until 1953. In 1954, our first rugby team took to the field and participated in the two main tournaments, the Singapore Cricket Club 7-a-side and the National 15-a-side.

Through the years, Raffles Rugby has gained a reputation as one of the premier school teams in the local rugby scene, producing many talented players and leaders who joined Singapore's national team. Many of our country's leaders were also Raffles Ruggers in their  student days.

Teacher Mentors

Mr Tan Mian Ou (Rugby Master Year 1-6)

Mr Lim Kit Siang (Teacher IC Year 1-4)

Mr Chong See Eng

Mr Wilson Loh

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National Inter-School Rugby Championships

B Division: 4th

C Division: 5th