2020 Sailing



We fight in the sun, we fight in the rain. Our sailors are masters of the weather, unafraid of whatever conditions Mother Nature throws at us. Battling against the elements, we train and strive to be the best sailors we can be. Here at Raffles Sailing, we're not just a CCA, we're a team. We put an emphasis on teamwork on and off the water, making sure that no one is left behind. As an African proverb simply states, 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'

Our focus is on the National School Games each year, where we work hard to bring glory to the school. Sailing Optimists, Bytes and Lasers, our team has extensive knowledge about sailing and racing, and will be happy to share these experiences with you!

Teacher Mentors

Mr Alvin Chong
Ms Jorinda Au
Mr Liong Peen Lee

Achievements & Highlights

National Inter-School Sailing B Division Championships
Byte: First Runner-Up; Maurice Ng (3rd)
Laser 4.7: First Runner-Up; Jonathan Lio (2nd)), Dylan Fang Wei Jie (4th)

National Inter-School Sailing C Division Championships
Optimist: First Runner-Up; Ethan Teo (4th)
Byte: Champions; Keenan Cheung (2nd), Poh Yong Ler (3rd)

Overseas Achievements:

29er Worlds 2019
Dylan Ng (4th (Emerald Fleet)), Marvin Tan (4th (Emerald Fleet))

16th KFC Langkawi International Regatta
29er: Dylan Ng (3rd), Marvin Tan (3rd)
Laser 4.7: Kyle Lim (5th)
Optimist: Zane Chua (30th), Ethan Teo (15th)

Kieler Woche 2019 
Laser 4.7: Kyle Lim (23rd), Dylan Fang (7th)
29er: Dylan Ng (73rd), Marvin Tan (73rd)ׁ

France Euro Cup 2019
29er: Dylan Ng (73rd), Marvin Tan (73rd)ׁ

Admiral Cup 2019
Optimist: Josiah Tan (6th), Ethan Teo (16th) ׁ

Laser Asian Sailing Championship 2019
Laser 4.7: Jonathan Lio (1st)ׁ

Laser 4.7 Europeans Championship
Laser 4.7: Jonathan Lio (7th)ׁ

Laser 4.7 World Championship 2019
Jonathan Lio (15th), Dylan Fang (52nd)