Softball is a sport that trains not just the body but the mind. Besides training to be physically fit, strong and agile, we also train players to plan and strategise when playing a game. Dexterity and presence of mind to make quick decisions as well as to take risks to execute those decisions are integral to this sport. As a team sport, individual competencies and strengths play a critical role in the team’s performance and outcome of a game. The development of a Softball player includes drills to develop core skills and hone his strengths, physical training to develop stamina and strength as well as sparring with each other and other teams to develop their game sense. Players realise very quickly that they need to be accountable to the team and to rely on each other during a game. This develops a strong bond among the players who realise that win or lose, their friendship and love of the game give them the strength to face another day, another challenge.

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Lim Jee Nee
Mrs Patricia Nathan
Mr Ng Jun Kiat

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National Inter-School Softball Competition
B Division: Gold
C Division: 2nd Runner-Up