Squash is about training your heart out the moment you step into the court. Squash is about giving your all even as your breathing gets heavier, your legs get tired and your shots get looser, all for the team. Squash is about being able to look back to see the team cheering their hearts out until their voices are hoarse, in victory or defeat. Raffles Squash is about heart and family. The journey binds us together. What’s your journey?

Teacher Mentors

Mr Eugene Francesco Lee
Ms Lim Soo Leng
Ms Wang Xiao Yun Celeste

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National Inter-School B Division Squash Championships
B Division: 2nd Runners-Up
C Division: Runners-Up

Serangoon Gardens Country Club – Prince Singapore National Junior Squash Championships – 4 to 9 June
The Raffles Institution Squash members were on the ground managing the entire Squash competition. They had the experience of running the competition in its entirety and they also learnt the importance of building and enhancing relationships with other players and parents during the process.

Rainbow Centre – Senior Camp 2018 – 13 July 2018
The Rainbow Centre is a non-profit organisation that serves children and young people with a diverse range of moderate to severe development needs – including autism, physical, visual and/or hearing disabilities as well as those with multiple disabilities. Rainbow Centre ran a Youth Day Camp on13 July. It was a Day Camp for students aged 15-18 years old. The main objectives of the camp were to provide students with a comprehensive camp experience and to create opportunities for them to exhibit the value of friendship. The Squash boys volunteered their time and helped to facilitate the station-based sports games.

Penang Squash Academy Attachment November 2018
This year the Squash team will travel up to Penang to train with the Penang Squash Academy for a week to experience full time training under reputable World Class Coaches. The Penang Squash Academy is noted for its most successful graduate—the former World Women’s Squash Champion—Nicol David.