2020 Swimming




When a casual swimmer thinks of swimming, he or she might imagine doing lazy laps in the cool waters of the pool. But to the RI swimmers, we think of years of dedication, discipline and perseverance, whether in trying to perfect our strokes, completing grueling training sessions, or juggling training and studies. Swimming is all about discipline and challenging your limits. Your main goal in every training and race swimming is to keep pushing yourself ever harder. 

Yet swimming is not just an individual sport. In the pool, we are competitors, but when the race is over, we are best friends. During training, we are always pushing one another, while having fun at the same time. Before every race, we encourage one another; during the race, we cheer as loudly as we can for one another; and after the race, we congratulate one another.

The RI swimming team is a family. Besides taking part in competitions together, monthly morning trainings allow us to form strong bonds as a team. The talent present in our team allows everyone to tap on one another’s knowledge of the sports. Despite our small team size, we have achieved excellent results in various competitions. 


Training Schedule

Wednesdays (5.30am to 7.00am)
Twice a month


Teacher Mentors

Mr Ong Chen Tat
Mr Melvin Ng
Mr Anthony Lim


Achievements & Highlights

60th National Schools Swimming Championship 2019
C Division – 2nd 
50m Backstroke: Mateen Lutfiy Shyam (2nd), Loo Zhi Yang Russell (3rd) 
50m Butterfly: Randall James Neo Wei Wen (1st), Seah Dong Xuan Lucas (3rd)
100m Backstroke: Loo Zhi Yang Russell (2nd), Marc Lim Qi Xian (4th)
100m Breaststroke: Jerome Thio Zhi Lun (5th)
100m Butterfly: Randall James Neo Wei Wen (1st)
100m Freestyle: Lim Chern Yait James (3rd), Seah Dong Xuan Lucas (5th)
200m Backstroke: Mateen Lutfiy Shyam (3rd), Lachlan Saputra Goh (8th)
200m Butterfly: Lachlan Saputra Goh (5th), Marcus Ong Chen Jie (6th)
200m Freestyle: Lim Chern Yait James (3rd), K Vikesh (7th)
400m Freestyle: Marc Lim Qi Xian (3rd), Tang Cheng Jun (8th)
4 X 200m Freestyle Relay: Seah Dong Xuan Lucas, Randall James Neo Wei Wen, 
Lim Chern Yait James, Mateen Lutfiy Shyam (2nd)
200m Individual Medley: Jerome Thio Zhi Lun (5th), Marcus Lim Tz-Rei (8th)
4 X 200m Medley Relay: Randall James Neo Wei Wen, Loo Zhi Yang Russell, 
Lim Chern Yait James, Mateen Lutfiy Shyam (2nd)

B Division – 2nd 
50m Freestyle: Richie Soh Reh Chee (8th) 
50m Breaststroke: Leow Li Shen (1st), Justin Cheong Sheng Jie (3rd), 
Leon Tay Kia Yong (5th), Shae Lee Chee Hean (7th)
50m Backstroke: Aloysius Wong Zhi Hong (4th)
50m Butterfly: Lim Fang Yang (1st), Richie Soh Reh Chee (4th), Oh Ray Sen (5th)
100m Backstroke: Aloysius Wong Zhi Hong (4th), Yeo Chi Jun Timothy (5th), 
Sin Kai Jie Luke (6th) 
100m Breaststroke: Leow Li Shen (1st), Ngoo Jia Hao Russell (2nd), Leon Tay Kia Yong (6th), 
Oh Ray Sen (7th) 
100m Butterfly: Lim Fang Yang (2nd) 
200m Breaststroke: Ngoo Jia Hao Russell (2nd)
200m Backstroke: Yeo Chi Jun Timothy (4th)
200m Freestyle: Shae Lee Chee Hean (1st)
200m Individual Medley: Justin Cheong Sheng Jie (5th)
4 x 200m Freestyle Relay: Shae Lee Chee Hean, Richie Soh Reh Chee, Leow Li Shen, 
Lim Fang Yang (2nd) 
4 X 200m Medley Relay: Richie Soh Reh Chee, Ngoo Jia Hao Russell, Leow Li Shen, 
Lim Fang Yang (2nd)

43rd SEA Age Group Swimming Championship 2019 (Phnom Phem, Cambodia) 
Marc Lim Qi Xian: 50m Backstroke (5th), 200m Backstroke (5th), 200m Freestyle (6th), 
400m Freestyle (5th), 100m Butterfly (6th)
Seah Dong Xuan Lucas: 50m Freestyle (4th), 100m Freestyle (6th), 50m Butterfly (7th) 
Jerome Thio Zhi Lun: 50m Breaststroke (6th), 100m Breaststroke (5th), 200m Individual Medley (7th) 
Randall James Neo Wei Wen: 50m Butterfly (1st), 100m Butterfly (2nd), 50m Freestyle (2nd), 100m Freestyle (4th), 50m Backstroke (5th), 100m Backstroke (5th), 4x100m Freestyle Relay (2nd), 4x100m Medley Relay (2nd), 4x100m Mixed Medley Relay (3rd) 
Marcus Ong Chen Jie: 200m Butterfly (5th), 400m Individual Medley (7th) 
Shae Lee Chee Hean: 50m Breaststroke (8th) 
Richie Soh Reh Chee: 50m Freestyle (6th) 
Lim Fang Yang: 100m Butterfly (8th) 
11th ASEAN School Games 2019 (Samarang, Indonesia) 
Randall James Neo Wei Wen: 100m Butterfly (4th), 50 Fly (5th), 4x100m Medley Relay (2nd), 4x100m Medley Mixed Relay (3rd) 
Ngoo Jia Hao Russell: 100m Breaststroke (7th) 
Lim Fang Yang: 50m Butterfly (8th), 100m Butterfly (8th)