Water Polo

2020 Water Polo



Most people often gasp in awe or are simply amazed when you tell them that you play water polo because it is such a high intensity sport. Treading water for lengthy periods of time, throwing a ball one handed to your teammates without touching the pool floor, and swift and decisive counter attacks powered by sheer swimming speed are what make water polo THE most intense and revered sport in the world.

Though it may seem a Herculean task, our carefully planned and executed training sessions, led by our coach, will transform you and your team mates into beasts in the water. Passion and resilience are what you need to excel in the sport and become an esteemed member of Raffles Water Polo. We guarantee that water polo is not merely a CCA but a way of life, imparting to you values such as fortitude and teamwork, but most importantly, bestowing upon you friendships that last a lifetime.

Teacher Mentors

Mr Ong Chen Tat
Mr Melvin Ng
Mr Anthony Lim
Ms Xie Xueying

Achievements & Highlights

Inter School Water Polo Championships 
B Div: 3rd 
C Div: 4th