Alchemy Club





Alchemy Club is the place for chemistry lovers. Like the forefathers of alchemy, we enjoy a great degree of autonomy in our activities: fun and frequent practicals, research and lectures, as well as bonding games, all designed based on what we want and what we like.
As an interest club, we are attuned not only to how much the school syllabus teaches us, but also to how much we wish to explore outside of it. We work with both everyday and cutting-edge applications of chemistry in hands-on experiments on food science and oscillation reactions, and discuss the deeper mechanisms behind curious phenomena in lectures on colours and molecular structures. Moreover, with a close group of fellow chemistry lovers, we enjoy a supportive environment of our individual passion for chemistry and beyond.

If you are waiting for a pun – Alchemy Club would be a transformative experience for you, chemically and otherwise.



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Training Schedule

(4.30pm to 6.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Ong Xing Long

Achievements & Highlights


Dyes extraction
… and more!