Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club



We are astronomers. We are a group of people with a burning passion, rooted in the very stars that made us. We are a niche yet diverse group of people; astrobiologists interested in life beyond us, astrophysicists interested in the intricacies of the universe, practical astronomers and astrophotographers that find beauty within our universe. Yes – you may say that it is an impractical CCA. Yes – you may say that it is exhausting. And yes – you may say that it is pointless.

But for those that look up, we know that it is worth it. For those who have ever looked at Jupiter’s flowing cloud bands and Great Red Spot, for those that have marvelled at Saturn’s rings and the craters on the moon, we know that it is well worth it. Those tiring nights spent lifting scopes, the nights mulling over equations on a book, the nights spent with other like-minded people; well that’s just part of the fun, isn’t it? Even in the multitude of competitions, carnivals and community outreach events we organise, we know that sharing this joy brings us the greatest joy of all.




Teacher Mentors

Mrs Kong-Leong Yi-Lin
Ms Chan Pei Chen


Achievements & Highlights


Once in a Blue Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse Observation @ RI


Overseas Learning Journey

Tanjung Leman, Malaysia


AstroNite - Starfall

Community Outreach to the Public @ RI



Competition organised with HCI




Singapore Astronomy Olympiad