Audio Visual Unit


There’s definitely a lot to say in terms of practicality – joining AVU will equip you with skills that are undoubtedly useful in this digital age. With us, you’ll learn how to manage lights and sounds, and even learn how to mic up a full band. Technical terms like XLR cables, faders and equaliser will be part of your vocabulary soon enough. Within your batch, you’ll get to decide on a course to take up together, and if neither Foley nor Computer Music Sequencing scare you off, you’ve come to the right place.

Teacher Mentors

Mdm Low Chor Huang

Achievements And Highlights

Provided support for school events and concerts

Concerts: Rockin, Rockout, Jazz, Piano Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble


School Celebrations: Teachers’ Day, Council Investiture, National Day, Open House, Batch Night, Team Raffles Night