Audio Visual Unit

AVU Batch Picture



Have you ever thought of being the “backbone” of events, or wondered how events are able to run so smoothly? Have you ever looked up at the “black box”, imagining yourself managing rehearsals, ensuring that both lights and sound work out just fine?

Well, then AVU might be the CCA for you.

Upon joining AVU, terms like EQ, XLRs, and even snakes will become part of your vocabulary. You will learn how to manage lights and sound, which are useful skills in a Singapore that aims to be a Smart Nation. Furthermore, your batch can decide to pick up a batch course, such as a DJ course! If this interests you, AV is definitely the CCA for you.



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Teacher Mentors

Mdm Low Chor Huang

Achievements & Highlights

Provided support for school events and concerts

Concerts: Rockin, Rockout, Jazz, Piano Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble


School Celebrations: Teachers’ Day, Council Investiture, National Day, Open House, Batch Night, Team Raffles Night