Bridge Club

photo by Tian Ruiying of Raffles Photographers



Now before you begin, let me first clarify that Contract Bridge – the game that we play here – is nothing like its counterpart, Floating Bridge. As those of you who have played it before will know, the element of luck in Floating Bridge heavily influences the outcome of the game. Contrast this with Contract Bridge, where a player and his/her partner’s skill level are the main determining factor of victory.

For those completely new to this sport, do not be put off by having to learn some thing completely new. In fact, most of your seniors started off on a blank slate as well. These seniors have gone on to compete in various inter-school competitions and have even represented Singapore overseas in the APBF (Asian Pacific Bridge Federation) championships and ASEAN Games! Thus, with passion, interest and hard work, anything is possible. You may even surpass the achievements of our seniors!

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Kwie Shiao Yin

Ms Loh Pui San

Achievements & Highlights

12th Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships

Team 1st and 2nd


National Schools Swiss Teams Tournament

Team 2nd


National Schools Teams Tournament

Team 1st


Raffles Pairs

Organised by Year 5 and 6 club members, held at RI on 19 May 2018.
Pairs 1st