Bridge Club

photo by Tian Ruiying of Raffles Photographers



When we think of bridge, many of us associate it with the game “floating bridge” we play with our friends in social settings. But here at Raffles Institution Bridge Club, a whole new world of competitive contract bridge awaits you!

Bridge club is not just a CCA for you to play cards in; it is also a gateway into a whole community of people. If you’re afraid that joining Bridge Club may be too overwhelming to handle, fret not, as your seniors would gladly like to help! We also have friendly seniors who have graduated that come back to our CCA sessions to play bridge with us. They will not only bring along with them pieces of knowledge that will help to improve your bridge, but also share some of their experiences with you and make everyone feel at home at RI Bridge Club.

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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Kwie Shiao Yin

Ms Loh Pui San

Achievements & Highlights

12th Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships

Team 1st and 2nd


National Schools Swiss Teams Tournament

Team 2nd


National Schools Teams Tournament

Team 1st


Raffles Pairs

Organised by Year 5 and 6 club members, held at RI on 19 May 2018.
Pairs 1st