Bridge Club





Hello! Welcome to Raffles Institution Bridge Club! Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind would be what is commonly known as floating bridge, often played during social gatherings. There, our wins and losses can be said to be merely at the mercy of luck. 

However, what we play here is known as contract bridge. It is starkly different. We take away such uncertainties and refuse to be at the beck and call of Lady Luck. Rather, we immerse ourselves in the thrilling world of contract bridge, where we can flaunt our skills on the battlefield, tussle it out with one another using a plethora of conventions and cardplay techniques, whilst experiencing an exhilarating adrenaline rush like no other. Although this might sound foreign to you at the moment, fret not, for the friendly seniors and alumni here are more than happy to assist you in your journey to becoming a commendable bridge player.




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Training Schedule

(8am to 11am)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Kwie Shiao Yin


Achievements & Highlights


2019 Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships
Team 1st and 4th

2019 National School Swiss Teams Tournament
Team 4th and 5th

2019 National School Teams Tournament
Team 1st and 3rd

2019 Raffles Pairs
Organised by Year 5 and 6 club members, held on 18 May 2019 Saturday at RI.
Pairs 2nd and 4th