Chamber Ensemble

56a-chamberphoto by Amy Lin of Raffles Photographers



Stuck behind a music stand, staring into music written by composers hundreds of years ago? Is that the life of a Chamber musician? That can’t be! Our enthusiastic members come together every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 6.30pm for rehearsals in our cozy Chamber room. A typical practice session will involve 2 hours of Chamber group playing, followed by 2 hours of Combined! It is honestly an honour and pleasure to make music with other passionate and talented musicians, as well as a good time to break away from the academic stress from tutorials, upcoming tests and exams – we kill two birds with one stone!

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Teacher Mentors

Ms Avadhani P V Mrinalini

Mrs Er-Tang Mui Kee

Ms Wee Seok Hui

Achievements & Highlights

Sombre 2018

Annual Chamber Ensemble Concert


Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Art of Healing VIA Performance


Renci Hospital

VIA Performance


Raffles for Kids

Charity Concert
CE01 project of Humanities Programme


Afternoon of poetry and music

Tribute to Ms Ho Poh Fun at old RJC campus at Ghim Moh