Chess Club


Chess provides a unique experience in that it combines the best of different types of CCAs: it is a mind sport that teaches the art of critical analysis and planning that one can never get tired of. If you are looking for a CCA that challenges you mentally and teaches you so me of the best lessons in life, then take a leap of faith and join chess.

Teacher Mentors

Ms Lim San San

Achievements And Highlights

International Chess

2nd Raffles Chess Championship

Team 1st and 3rd


Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships


JJC Chess Tournament

Individual 2nd, 6th


National Inter-School Team Chess Championships

Team 2nd , 5th , 6th


National Schools Individual Chess Championships

Individual 4th , 6th , 9th, 12th , 24th , 35th


Team Raffles Games


Chinese Chess

2018 Shenzhen Futian Xiangqi International Youth Tournament, Shenzhen, China

Team 6th


32ndRaffles Cup

Team 2nd, Individual 9th


Char Yong Cup

Individual 2nd, 4th , 12th , 15th , 21st , 31st


Chua Chu Kang Cup Xiangqi Competition

Gold Award


Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships

Team 3rd


JJC Chess Tournament


PJC Chinese Chess Chall

Team 1st , Individual 1st – 5th


Singapore Friendship Cup Xiangqi Team Competition

Team 15th


Team Raffles Games