Club Automatica

photo by Ryan Ng of Raffles Photographers



Ever wanted to be the next Tony Stark? Though we can’t turn you into a genius, billionaire, playboy or philanthropist (and certainly don’t have the budget for a suit of armour), Club Automatica is the first step to discovering more about robotics and artificial intelligence here in RI.

Though robotics often conjures up the image of a bunch of geeks hunched over computer screens typing furiously away at a keyboard, Automatica is so much more than that. As much as coding and building are important skills that you will pick up in the club, you’ll soon come to realise that robotics is also about teamwork and camaraderie. It’s about gritting your teeth and pushing on when nothing seems to work. It’s about the crazy lengths we go to in order to challenge ourselves, and the laughter and cringe when our robots fail miserably. Most of all, it’s a home for all its members.

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Teacher Mentors

Mr Mohamed Kamel Bin Salim
Mdm Aw Siew Eng

Achievements & Highlights

Robocup Singapore Open 2018
Team Category: RCJ Onstage (First Prize)
Team Members: Koh Rachel, Zhang Lulu, Justin Soong Yoong Kai, Loke Wei Jie Winson & Alvis Ng

National Robotics Competition 2018
Team Award: World Robot Olympiad Tertiary (Research – First Prize)
Team Members: Shawn Chia Jia Jin, Lee Zi Xu Gabriel, Isaac Lai Yin Chung