Club Automatica





At Automatica, we automate with automates to create the next automation. We create robots to rescue “victims” and complete tasks with precision. We challenge opponents to soccer with accuracy. We navigate virtual environments with speed.

We code and assemble machines relentlessly, supporting each other with teammates in camaraderie. And when things inevitably go wrong, it is with our teammates that we persist and push on, breaking through difficulties and innovating the next solution. Together, we joke lightheartedly while going the extra mile, moving forward day after day, again and again.  Disciplined with sheer will and determination, Automatica is a place that is intense yet chill, tough yet passionate, challenging yet fun.

If you’d like all of that, welcome to Automatica.



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Training Schedule

(2pm to 6pm) 

One additional session during the week 
(day and timing to be decided by each team)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Mohamed Kamel Bin Salim
Mrs Lim Siew Eng


Achievements & Highlights


Robocup Singapore Open 2021:

  • RCAP Cospace Rescue, U19
    1st place, 3rd place, Most Innovative Strategy, 3 Distinctions, 2 Merits
  • RoboCupJunior Soccer, Open
    Best Logbook, Best Presentation, Best Engineering, Judges’ Commendation (Offensive Strategy), 2 Distinctions
  • RoboCupJunior Rescue Line, U19
    Best Engineering, 2 Distinctions, 1 Merit

    Robocup Worldwide 2021:
  • RCAP Rescue League, Simulation Sub-League
    Best Technical Description Paper
  • Internationals RoboCup Junior Soccer League (Open Challenge) 
    Superteam 1st place, Best Technical Challenges
  • Internationals RoboCup Junior Rescue League



RoboCup Singapore Open 2020

  • Cospace Rescue U19
    1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
  • Cospace Rescue FirstSteps U19
    1st place, participation