Community Advocates

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With our hectic day to day life, it is all too easy to overlook a glaringly obvious fact – society has not dealt everyone the same fortunate hand that we have. Here at CA (Community Advocates), we refuse to ignore these injustices. We choose to take a stand, and we do our best to drive a change. This is the essence of CA.

Within this family, we are gathered into four Student Interest Groups, each championing a different cause – Lifeline (Healthcare), Empty Pocket (Poverty), Glassark (Environment) and Doveswarm (Migrant Workers). In each SIG, every member has the opportunity to unite with other like-minded individuals who strongly believe in tackling the same societal issues.



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Ruth Ong
Mr Ngan Wei Yeong

Achievements & Highlights

Heartware Chapter I & II
A batch project that brought to light the social issues of relocating the elderly and the underprivileged, and explored how we might work towards rebuilding communities fragmented by the fast pace of urban life.

We invited clients and volunteers from MINDS MYG to share a day of arts and crafts, communal singing and dancing and sports with student befrienders from RI.

Homeground is an event to celebrate and recognise the invaluable contributions of service and operational staff in school.

Lifeline Week
This is an advocacy project intended to increase awareness and sensitivity around Mental Health issues.

EcoWeek was a project completed by the Glassark SIG in collaboration with One Earth to raise awareness about waste reduction.

This project was an Empty Pocket initiative to promote a greater understanding of the hidden social inequality around us.