Cricket – A gentleman’s game played by millions all over the globe, and one of Raffles Institution’s oldest CCAs. With 11 players on each team, this game is truly the epitome of a team sport with players batting, bowling and fielding in tandem to achieve the common goal of victory.

The game of cricket consists of many different components (such as batting, bowling and fielding). Since each component is an integral part of the game we play, our training sessions focus of honing these skills in every single individual.

In 2018, we performed to the best of our ability and clinched both the Inter-schools A Division title as well as the SCA 8-Aside title. We look forward to welcoming you aboard our journey to defend both our titles in 2021!



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Ng Hak Yee

Ms Helen Ng Ruoh Wei

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National Inter-School A Division Boys’ Cricket Championships



2018 Singapore Cricket Association A Division 8 aside Tournament