Film Society




Film Society will train you in the skills of filmmaking, so you have a versatile toolset to tell your stories. Our sessions involve filmmaking professionals who deliver practical workshops on skills like DSLR camera techniques, screenwriting and even experimental filmmaking. For whatever bells and whistles you could need to be a filmmaker, Film Society will give you a sturdy foundation.

Above all, Film Society is a warm, earnest and safe environment. You will find notebooks open every session, members furiously recording new things they’ve learned. You will find batch outings to film festivals, seniors that come back to help even after stepping down, and teachers that are unfailingly committed to bringing every person’s story to life. You will find a family in Film Society, so we hope you let us find you too.



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Joanna Ng

Ms Audrey Tan

Achievements & Highlights

Hodge Lodge Screening Term 1: International Women’s Day
Hodge Lodge Screening Term 2: Belonging
Series of curated short films to encourage film appreciation

Five Ways to Build a Home: Year 6 Thesis Film Showcase