In Raffles Floorball, we believe that anything is possible. On court, there are no limits to what one can do – 45 seconds a shift to decide to pass, dribble, shoot, or create a magical play-up that gets you the goal. Floorball is a fast-paced and intense game that teaches you to outwit and outdo your opponents by being the most determined and creative that you can be.

However, don’t let the seemingly daunting nature of the sport scare you just yet. almost half of the team were previously from non-sports CCAs, creating a diverse community of individuals of different backgrounds, but tethered to a common passion for floorball. Yes, trainings may be tough, the learning curve may not be the gentlest, but we can promise that with the right mindset, improvement can be achieved laboriously but steadily.



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Benjamin Fong

Mr Lim Ting Liang

Ms Emerlyn Tay

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National Inter-School A Division Boys’ Floorball Championships



2018 National Inter-School A Division Girls’ Floorball Championships

3rd Runners Up