History and Strategic Affairs Society




The History and Strategic Affairs Society (HSTA) is somewhat misleadingly named.

Our club revolves around Model United Nations (MUN) - an activity which allows its participants to debate on global issues through representing a country in a formal conference setting.

We integrate academic rigour into our MUN trainings, allowing members to learn key skills such as effective communication and persuasion, as well as conducting regular debate simulations in which members take on the roles of UN nations to spar with each other. 

Yet simultaneously, we also hope members can cherish the bonds they make here. Through regular consultations and weekly bonding activities (and more), we seek to embody an ideal student-run interest club where friendships can be fostered.

This place is ultimately of your making, whether it be a place for self-discovery or knowledge-building. If you’re interested in debate, international affairs, or even simply in developing your social skills, you might just find a home in HSTA.




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Training Schedule

(8.00am to 11.00am)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Dawn Wu
Mr Caleb Liu

Achievements & Highlights


Raffles Model United Nations 2021
Planned and hosted a two-day conference debating global issues in June 2021.