History and Strategic Affairs Society

photo by Ryan Ng of Raffles Photographers



HSTA might stand for the Historical and Strategic Affairs Society, but our members are neither historians nor chess maestros. Rather, we’re RI’s Model United Nations (MUN) club, and one of the oldest such clubs in Singapore. For those of you who have never been to a MUN before, MUN conferences are two- to four-day events, where participants get to dress up in formal attire, represent various countries in UN committees, and gather to debate and present solutions to address the pertinent issues of the day.

HSTA generally runs MUN trainings for CCA members – these would take the form of simulations of UN committees, skill trainings (e.g. speech workshops), and other fun activities such as crisis simulations. In 2019, as part of our initiative to broaden training activities, you can also look forward to a joint training session with our counterparts from HCI and ACS – you’ll get to have fun, meet new people, and pit your skills against the best in the circuit.



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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Dawn Wu
Mr Caleb Liu

Achievements & Highlights

Raffles Model United Nations (RMUN) 2018
Organised a model UN Conference for 370 secondary and JC1 students from 30 schools.

Best Delegation

SMUN 2018
Best Delegation