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The Raffles Indian Cultural Society (ICS) is an amalgamation of culture, administration and amusement as we plan to give our individuals a brief look at what the bigger Indian people group involves. It provides an avenue to individual Indians to bond, and to develop and build up our Indian culture in our school. We hope to sustain shared experiences and to cultivate a feeling of belonging among our individuals. ICS sorts out plenty of exercises and occasions for our individuals to feel engaged with the Indian people group. The community in ICS is highly unique -- we are encouraged to step out of our comfort zones by participating in various competitions and performances, while exploring and embracing our vibrant Indian culture and identity. We gain opportunities to meaningfully interact with old friends, and make many new ones. Our environment is warm, welcoming and there’s good vibes all around!



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Teacher Mentors

Mdm Meera Saminathan


Achievements & Highlights


Sangamam-Annual Show
ICS has been our safe haven, a place where we have put our brains, hearts together to think out of the box and stepped out of comfort zones to act. Despite the hindrance we faced due to COVID-19, we took it as an opportunity to rethink our previous efforts. We managed to plan Sangamam 2019 based on a novel and unconventional digital concept as compared to the previous years. Not only was our event a valuable learning opportunity for all CCA members, it allowed us to bond through the fun times as well as adversity.

Muthamizh Vizha Short Story Competition - Participant
Winner: Sruthi Muralikrishna - 2nd Prize