Judo is started by Jigoro Kano Sensei in 1882 and has now become a widely practised sport all over the world. Judo (柔道), which means 'the gentle way' in Japanese, focuses on using minimum effort to bring down opponents larger and stronger than oneself. Without kicks and punches, Judo consists of tachiwaza (standing techniques) and newaza (groundwork), which can be loosely associated with throws and pin-downs respectively.

Maybe you’re still slightly worried about the requirements for the sport. Will you be too heavy? Too light? Not strong enough? No experience? Fret not! We have weight categories from under 48kg all the way to above 100kg! So, you will be fighting people of your own size. Furthermore, we train together with the Year 1-4 Judo team so there’s a large range of skill levels, from total beginners (just like you) to cool SENIORS (LIKE US and you in future).



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Paul Poh
Mr Yang Haojin
Ms Lim Puay Miao


Achievements & Highlights

Raffles Judo Japan Training Trip (27 Nov 2017 – 4 Dec 2017)

Judo Open Judo Championship 2018

Girls’ Individual:
U52kg Silver: Jessica Halim

A Division National School Games Judo Championships 2018

Overall Girls’ Team: Silver
Overall Boys’ Team: Silver

Girls’ Individual:
U48kg Silver: Lu Xuanhui Valerie
U52kg Silver: Julina Seet
U63kg Silver: Yang Tongchen
U52kg Bronze: Jessica Halim
U57kg Bronze: Xen-El Phrestal Goh Mynn Zenn
U63kg Bronze: Jin Yongxuan

Boys’ Individual:
U66kg Silver: Lin Jian Hern Iain
U101kg Silver: Zhao Xing Yu Austin
U60kg Bronze: Goh Chen Ray Lucas
U66kg Bronze: Lee Yong Ern, Gabriel
66kg Bronze: Teh Guang Zhe
U73kg Bronze: Tong Tze Yang, Theodore
U81kg Bronze: Ong Zheng Liang, Joseph
U81kg Bronze: Galen Ong Kiat Loon