Malay LDCS




As an event-based CCA in Raffles, we do not hold weekly meeting sessions like other CCAs. Instead, we have key events throughout the year that are sure to spark your curiosity and passion for not only Malay culture, but even current affairs relating to our community today. Members can also expect fun and engaging activities during this overnight camp which aims to include and integrate every single one of you into our larger Malay community here in Raffles. By fostering ties between seniors and juniors and also within your own respective batches, we hope to shape a support system whereby we can always count on one another, preserving the Kampong Spirit in our small community here.



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Mohamed Ali Hanifiah Bin Abdullah
Mr Kamal Rizal Bin Abu Bakar

Achievements & Highlights

RI Annual Malay Youth Seminar
This event, in its 7th year, was graced by Member of Parliament Mdm Rahayu Mahzam. It was attended by over 500 students from secondary schools, madrasahs and junior colleges across Singapore.

MLDCS Orientation Camp

Ramadhan Iftar

Cultural Workshops