Malay LDCS

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The Malay Literary Drama Cultural Society, better known as MLDCS, is a tight community of Malays. United by kampong spirit, we provide a supportive space for all Malays to fortify their Malay identity in an increasingly homogenous world. Although we do not hold regular meetings, we organise a wide array of activities to actualise the literary, drama and cultural aspects of our CCA. These activities are mostly centered around camps, cultural workshops and VIA projects.

Teacher Mentors

Mr Mohamed Ali Hanifiah Bin Abdullah
Mr Kamal Rizal Bin Abu Bakar

Achievements And Highlights

RI Annual Malay Youth Seminar
This event, in its 7th year, was graced by Member of Parliament Mdm Rahayu Mahzam. It was attended by over 500 students from secondary schools, madrasahs and junior colleges across Singapore.

MLDCS Orientation Camp

Ramadhan Iftar

Cultural Workshops