Mathematics Club

photo by Zheng Huijun of Raffles Photographers


So what do we do? We do Maths, as our name suggests. All sorts of Maths. Some basics of Olympiad Maths? Check. Extensions of the H2 syllabus? Check. Other puzzles, problems, and paradoxes? Check. And what if something that you are looking for is not there? Just tell us!

Our main objective is not to improve the school’s performance in major competitions such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad or the American Mathematics Contest. Neither is it to pull up your H2 grades, though spending time outside of lessons to think about Maths can’t hurt.

Rather, Maths Club is a place where you’ll have the greatest fun thinking and wondering about the curiosities in Mathematics.


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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Lim-Bay Swee Lian

Achievements & Highlights

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2018
Team: Gold Award (Category 2)
Individual: Cheng Puhua (Top 10), Wang Jianzhi (Top 10), Lee Ker Yang (Top 10), Liu Siyong (21st), Li Chenxu (24th)

Shanghai TI Cup 2018
Silver Award: Cheng Puhua
Bronze Award: Bryan Chan Kah Hoe