Mathematics Club

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Are you interested in getting completely “mind blown” by ingenious ideas? Are you thrilled by the rush of satisfaction that comes when you finally solve an impossible problem? Do you yearn for a community that shares a common interest with you in Mathematics? Then Math Club is the CCA for you!

In a nutshell, we spend our weekly CCA session learning about interesting and cool Math topics. Advanced topics, puzzles, brain teasers, paradoxes, everything you can name, we got you covered!

We also regularly organise fun activities, such as puzzle-themed amazing race, Kahoots quizzes and probabilistic games!

There is no prerequisite to joining Math Club. All you need is a strong passion and love for Mathematics! And the best part? As a student-run CCA, we have AUTONOMY over the content of the sessions. YOU get to decide what you want to explore, in consultation with the teacher mentor!




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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Lim-Bay Swee Lian

Achievements & Highlights

2020 American Mathematics Competition 12B: 
10 students were awarded Honour Roll of Distinction

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2020
Team: Gold Award (Category 2) 
Individual: BOO TSE YANG LUCAS (1st), NG YANGYI, ALOYSIUS (2nd),
TAN XU CHEN (Top 10), DAVID TOH HUI KAI (Top 10), WANG YUXUAN (Top 10), LOW CHOO RAY (Top 10), LE VIET HUNG (Top 10)