Mathematics Club

Q: What is the Math Club?
A: Short answer would be a place for you to unwind with math after a tiring day’s work. Long answer would be a place where you get to be exposed to competition math or generally fun math that is out of the school syllabus — so that you can get a taste of the enigma that is the field of math.
Q: What kind of student would enjoy being in Math Club?
A: Anyone interested in mathematics and enjoys challenging themseves mentally.
A: Tbh anyone with an interest in learning about cool math stuff.
A: Math Club is pretty chill, so if you like that sort of thing then you should fit right in!

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Lim-Bay Swee Lian

Achievements And Highlights

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2018
Team: Gold Award (Category 2)
Individual: Cheng Puhua (Top 10), Wang Jianzhi (Top 10), Lee Ker Yang (Top 10), Liu Siyong (21st), Li Chenxu (24th)

Shanghai TI Cup 2018
Silver Award: Cheng Puhua
Bronze Award: Bryan Chan Kah Hoe