Outdoor Adventure and Activities Club

ODAC Yearbook Photo



Do you like trekking through lush green forests, listening to nature’s peaceful tunes? Wandering through the streets of our bustling concrete jungle? Bravely abseiling down the slippery rocks of a thrilling waterfall? Or perhaps, caking an entire chicken in mud before chucking it head-first into a pit of fire? Look no further. For the brave of heart, the young adventurer itching to bask in the sun and have some fun, the Outdoor Adventure & Activities Club (ODAC) has it all!

At our core, we are a family. Brought together through shared experiences, we provide a safe space for individuals to discover more about themselves, each other, and the world at large. Responsible, resilient and respectful, ODACians learn that ultimately, it is not the places we go to, but the people we are with that truly matters.



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Tan Sijie
Ms Lim Xin Yi
Mr Lee Kah How


Achievements & Highlights

Outdoor Activities
Treks, climbs, kayaking etc

Basic Training Camp 
Induction camp for Year 5s

Outdoor Adventure for Kids (ODAK)
Values-in-Action outreach project with community

Adventure Race/Event
Annual school-wide event for Rafflesians
Outdoor Ethics and Education
*Above mentioned activities are subjected to COVID-19 Safety Management Measures, and relevant advisories and precautions.