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Y5RAM CLub Photo



With its Y14 CCA formed in 2013, and its Y56 CCA newly started in 2021, the RAM Club is looking for students who have a passion in history to join us and contribute to the lead-up to RI’s Bicentennial year in 2023!

RAM club members are trained to be custodians of RI’s history. They also gain invaluable experience and skills relating to the field of museum work through a uniquely-designed curriculum and enriching external attachments or visits.

Prior experience with heritage work (CCA/Competition/volunteering/internship) is preferred, but not mandatory. RAM Club members meet on Wednesdays, 3.30pm - 5.30pm.




Further enquiries may be made to Mrs Cheryl Yap, Head/RAM, at [email protected]


Teacher Mentors

Mrs Cheryl Yap
Ms Low Siew Hsien