Raffles Chorale






Raffles Chorale is a blend of singers hailing from diverse backgrounds—be it the passionate chorister or occasional bathroom singer. We hold our practices every Wednesday and Friday in our home ground of LT1 at the Y1-4 side. As a choir, we explore a wide variety of musical works, ranging from sacred to the romantic, church to the classical and baroque to the contemporary— alongside numerous languages and cultures. Chorale has a long-standing history of endeavouring towards musical excellence as well, seen through our continuous achievement of the Distinction award in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. More than just performances, these experiences enable us to grow into holistic singers. 

This year has certainly been different from the others. COVID-19 has affected us in more ways than one—most notably, we have been unable to meet up for physical practices regularly. But we have made the best of our situation. Chorale practices shuttle between virtual conferences and small group practices as per the prevailing guidelines. Although we may have missed opportunities to travel and participate in international choral festivals, we continue to share our love for singing through online performances. In 2020, we pioneered a virtual rendition of our hallmark student-led charity concert Vocal Delights, as well as a virtual concert with the Peer Helpers Programme. 

Come join us in Raffles Chorale — where there is no such beauty as where you belong.




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Training Schedule

(8.00am to 11.00am)

(4.30pm to 7.30pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mrs. Jasbir Koh
Ms. Lee Si Jia


Achievements & Highlights


Singapore Youth Festival 2021
Chorale’s first recorded entry



Peer Helpers Programme Concert 2020
Virtual A Cappella performance: I Want It That Way

Vocal Delights 2020: Istoria
Chorale’s first online concert (premiered on YouTube)