Raffles Chorale

Chorale performs two or more times a year, and biennially aims to go on overseas concert or competition tours. In the previous year, we had the opportunity to fly to Vietnam to compete with over 200 international choirs, following 2 local concerts as well as our biennial SYF. These concerts feature the bulk of Chorale’s repertoire — we get to perform everything from sacred Latin works to folk songs and contemporary pieces, giving us choristers a well-rounded and educational experience across the different genres.

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Jasbir Koh
Ms Audrey Tan

Achievements And Highlights

Vocal Delights: Resonance
Proceeds from the sale of tickets went to Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Love, Peace and Respect: A Choir Concert

Raffles Singers presents: RETROSPECT

Orientale Concentus XI
Gold II in Mixed Voices Senior Youth; Best Performance of Singaporean Work