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Service starts with the smallest of actions – simply being there and enjoying the relationship with the people that you serve. Spending time with them every week, these seemingly inconspicuous gestures have the potential to build genuine and trusting relationships that can have profound impact on the lives we hope to touch. Service is what defines Interact, and the passion to make a difference is what binds the 160-member club together.

While service may initially seem daunting, all you need is an open mind and a big heart to serve. It is not about talent, prior experience or skills, but rather the willingness to put yourself out there, doing your very best to fill the room with the same warmth and joy that the elderly and children bring into our own lives.



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Eddie Koh Joo Yang
Dr Ng Kai Ling
Ms Evangeline Tan Yee Bing
Mdm Sharon Cross

Achievements & Highlights

Club Events
Interact Annual Camp: Induction camp that facilitated bonding and inculcated the spirit of Interact through games and community outreach activities.

Youth Got Heart: Outreach project focusing on dementia patients and their caregivers, through experiential simulation games and direct service to promote youth volunteerism in school.

International Understanding Week: Advocacy project for child labourers in the fashion industry.

Live In The Dark: Advocacy project for the visually impaired to showcase a small part of their daily life and fundraiser for the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped.

Club Service
Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP) Challenge Day: In partnership with Special Olympics Singapore

Grey Can Still Play: In partnership with the Rotary Club of Singapore and Interact Coordinating Committee

Service Centre Initiatives

Chinese New Year Party @ COMNET; Outdoor Activities and Games Session @ CSL Methodist Children’s Home; Welfare Packs @ Henderson Student Care Centre; Games Session @ MINDS; Arts and Crafts Workshop @ Pertapis Children’s Home; Sand Art Session @ Sunlove Dementia Daycare Centre; Raffles; Scholarship Ceremony @ RIMP; RI Mentorship Programme Camp


Rotary International Presidential Citation Rotary District Awards: Best Interact Club Project – Gold (Dine In The Dark 2017) Rotary District Awards: Best Interact Club Project – Gold (Youth Got Heart 2018)