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Service starts with the smallest of actions – simply being there and enjoying the relationship with the people that you serve. Spending time with them every week, these seemingly inconspicuous gestures have the potential to build genuine and trusting relationships that can have profound impact on the lives we hope to touch. Service is what defines Interact, and the passion to make a difference is what binds the 160-member club together.

While service may initially seem daunting, all you need is an open mind and a big heart to serve. It is not about talent, prior experience or skills, but rather the willingness to put yourself out there, doing your very best to fill the room with the same warmth and joy that the elderly and children bring into our own lives.



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Training Schedule

(3pm to 4.30pm) 


Teacher Mentors

Mdm Sharon Cross
Ms Lim Ai Lin
Mr Eddie Koh Joo Yang
Mr Andrew Neo 
Dr Ng Kai Ling


Achievements & Highlights


Each year, Raffles Interact organizes several key events to advocate, raise funds, and provide service to our beneficiaries. 

When I Grow Up
When I Grow Up was organized to raise awareness for disadvantaged children from low income families in Singapore. Over a course of 3 weeks, our participants organized an awareness campaign within the RI student body, highlighting the work of Children’s Wishing Well (CWW), through an online quiz.  Raffles Interact members also handcrafted 300 individually designed bookmarks with personalized notes for each children participants of CWW's programmes. Lastly, Raffles Interact members presented to the work of CWW to their Civics Class and encouraged Rafflesians to support the work of CWW by contributing financially via (

Reconnection was organized to raise awareness for ex-convicts in Singapore. Ex-convicts face a multitude of challenges upon their release, such as gaining employment and rebuilding of familial ties. Public misperception as well as stigmatization create further barriers in this reintegrating process. By giving ex-convicts a platform to share their stories, Reconnection aims to change the perceptions of ex-convicts among Rafflesians and encourage greater acceptance. The event was carried out as an online webinar, with more than 100 participants from the student population. Through the event, we shared personal stories of ex-convicts and allowed the participants to step into the shoes of ex-offenders via an interactive simulation game. 

thisABILITY aimed to raise awareness for Singaporeans who faced disabilities, both visible and invisible. Our goals were to foster understanding and empathy so as to work towards creating a more inclusive society. In collaboration with SPD (previously known as Society for the Physically Disabled), a social media campaign was launched, incorporating exclusive interview videos, and augmented with a canteen display to tackle common misconceptions students may have regarding persons with disabilities (PWDs) and empowering them to be more confident in their interactions with PWDs. The initiative culminated in a disability quiz, where students were tested on what they have learnt.