Raffles Jazz




Raffles Jazz is a remarkable start for anyone who wants to delve headfirst into this wonderfully diverse world of jazz music. It’s a great place for any musician who wants to learn and grow technically and musically among their peers. A good place to unleash your unique ideas about music and, in exchange, come away with many other extraordinary perspectives that change the way you think and play. You may even find yourself exploring improvisational and creative talents of your own that you’ve never had the chance to nurture, or (this is harder than it sounds) your innate sense of rhythm.

So, join us in creating our own magical little jazz bars, our own funky discos, and our own quaint cafes in this very corner of the world. Here you can paint the picture you want and do so with your music, your style, the sounds rippling from our very own school studio.



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Samantha Prakash
Mr Ng Kar Kit

Achievements & Highlights

Annual Concert at the RI Performance Arts Centre

Raffles Jazz Annual Concert 2018: Birdland

TSD performance: The Small Duck

National Day Celebration (Community Singing);

school performances and busking during Open House, National Day and school events.