Raffles One Earth

One earth photo for 2020 Yearbook



Being part of Raffles One Earth means to be part of a group of like-minded members raising awareness about issues regarding the environment that we are passionate about. Our weekly CCA sessions typically involve discussions and planning for a wide range of activities which we subsequently execute. These include CCA-organised and student-initiated projects.



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Teacher Mentors

Ms May Wong

Achievements & Highlights

Reaching out to the community
Members organised environmental workshops in Zhonghua Primary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Raffles Girls Primary School,  Ai Tong Primary School and Marymount Convent School. Through these environmental workshops, the members inculcated responsible waste management methods amongst the younger students and inspired them to practise these methods in their daily lives.  

Reaching out to the school cohort
For the first time, the CCA launched an e-waste campaign to encourage the school cohort to recycle their e-waste. This was done through an educational campaign to educate the students on the nature of e-waste, the importance of e-waste recycling and proper e-waste recycling methods.