Raffles Photographic Society

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Here in the Raffles Photographic Society, we provide you with both the expertise as well as the platform for you to develop your photography skills and share your work with others!

There are 2 key aspects of being a Raffles Photographer: covering school-wide events (we call this Event Coverage), as well as preparing for our very own exhibitions where YOUR very own photos will be displayed for hundreds to view. Our weekly CCA sessions are usually headed by our external instructors, who will continually provide guidance as our members discover their own unique styles and techniques. Expect some exciting CCA camps and laidback sessions too!

All-in-all, being a Raffles Photographer is a highly enjoyable and fulfilling role — nothing beats the satisfaction of displaying your very own professional photos! As long as you have an interest in photography, we’re more than happy to make you a part of our own. 

We look forward to meeting all interested and aspiring photographers!



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Gabriel Lim

Ms Chloe Lim

Achievements & Highlights

Deck the Walls 2019

EOY Exhibition 2019: Jane

Mid-year Exhibition 2020: Evanescent