Raffles Players




Raffles Players is a vibrant community passionate enough to put any idea into practice. Here, you might just find your home away from home. And as the last spotlight shuts its golden eye and the music reaches crescendo, no one could say the people around you weren’t worth the effort.

Do you need Broadway or West End experience? Absolutely not. We are open to new additions from all walks of life; the greater the diversity, the better. We love having a good time, and between our zumba warm-up sessions and pre-production dance parties, we sure as hell know how to have it! And despite the niche appeal of drama, the things we learn range far beyond what is only applicable in the theatre, including basic construction and design skills, vocal projection, body language and public speaking techniques (perfect for PW OP).



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Gerald Choo
Mr Jarrod Lee

Achievements & Highlights

2018 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Drama)
Certificate of Accomplishment

2018 College Production –Noises Off by Michael Frayn

2018 Year-End Production