Raffles Rock





The magnitude of sound was astronomical. The decibel level was on the threshold of pain. The barrage of sound assaulted my eardrums mercilessly. With each strike of the drums, I could feel the intense reverberations of the organs within my chest. Welcome, to just another practice in the Jamming Studio, the humble abode of Raffles Rock.

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought, 'Hey there, you’re a rockstar', or simply imagined yourself on stage surrounded by deafening music and blinding lights in front of a hyped-up, jumping crowd, then maybe you should try out for Rock! We aren’t looking for the most technically advanced musicians who can play Bach with just their nose when they were 3, or the Eddie Van Halens who can tap the fretboard at the speed of light. If you have a love for music, a positive learning attitude and a passion for Rock, then we promise you that joining Rock will be something that you will never regret!




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Teacher Mentors

Dr Lena Lui
Ms Ng Pei San

Achievements & Highlights

  • Open House 2019
  • Raffles Rock In 2019
  • *SCAPE Raffles Rockout 2019 – EVERAFTER
  • PHP Online Concert Music Video 2020
  • NDP Online Concert Music Video 2020