Raffles Runway

If your heart flutters watching runway shows, if you spend just a tad too long flipping through fashion magazines, or you really just are that little bit too much in love with everything fashion design-related, we guarantee you won’t be the only one here at Raffles Runway. It all begins with that hopeful trip to the room you never thought was occupied, and the rest of it will be nothing but a priceless voyage of self-exploration and development. With that said, if you have a stack of sketches on hand waiting to be made into a dream come true on the runway, Raffles Runway is probably the place for you, so hang on tight to those sketches and we’d love to see them at trials!

Teacher Mentors

Ms Janissa Soh
Ms Claudia Tan

Achievements And Highlights

Runway Project 2018: MODE
Collaboration with Interact for International Understanding Week: Wardrobe Malfunction