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Raffles Runway is a unique fashion design CCA, where like-minded individuals work towards an annual Fashion Show, each contributing our original designs, guided by experienced mentors who are professionals in their field. We could not have done without the help of various CCAs, external organisations as well as the help of our fellow schoolmates to model our creations. We see fashion as aspirational, and able to inspire creativity and self-expression in both our members as well as our audience. Curated and executed by our very own members, each of us hold fashion design as well as our annual project close to our hearts. This year, our show was titled ‘REALM’ and each of our pieces reflects our personal interpretations of it.

Raffles Runway hopes to create a positive impact on our community by involving ourselves in advocacy projects in partnership with other CCAs so as to use the interest generated by fashion design to draw attention to more pressing issues and apply our knowledge about fashion design in a meaningful way.



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Teacher Mentors

Miss Lim Li Zhen
Mrs Ruth Koh (Ms Ruth Fung)


Achievements & Highlights

Runway Project 2019: RISE
In collaboration with Modern Dance Batch’20

Collaboration with OneEarth for Ecoweek 2019 (To advocate against textile waste)

Trash to Fash: An Upcycling Competition
Top 8 finalist

Runway Project 2020: REALM