Raffles Society of Biological Sciences

Are you an aspiring microbiologist, doctor or botanist? Are you captivated by the wonder and beauty of the natural world? Or perhaps are you simply interested in why your dog seems to have a personal feud with the mailman? If any of the above perfectly describes you, then BioSoc may just be the CCA for you! Be it ecology, ethology, or even the ever-so-popular medicine, Raffles Society of Biology Sciences (RSBS or more commonly and affectionately known as BioSoc) caters to all interests in the field of Biology.

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Christina Khoo
Mr Prhabagaran Ramanathan

Achievements And Highlights

International Biomedical Quiz
Challenge trophy
Field trip to MacRitchie Reservoir
Field trip to Gardens by the Bay
Field trip to Chek Jawa