Raffles Society of Biological Sciences

RSBS 2020



Did you know that there is a walkway in our school dedicated to Gregor Mendel, the founder of modern genetics? It’s a place most of you walk through everyday – the walkway into school from the Marymount gate! Along this Mendelian stretch, you can observe Mendel’s discoveries in action. Near the end of the path, for example, you can see tall trees and short shrubs with white flowers. These plants actually belong to the same species, generations of selection causing an extraordinary height disparity.

Did that pique your interest? If so, consider joining the Raffles Society of Biological Sciences! Affectionately known as BioSoc, we cater to the various Life Sciences interests of Rafflesians, be it animal anatomy, plant diversity, microbiology, or medicine.



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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Christina Khoo
Mr Prhabagaran Ramanathan

Achievements & Highlights

International Biomedical Quiz
Challenge trophy
Field trip to MacRitchie Reservoir
Field trip to Gardens by the Bay
Field trip to Chek Jawa